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Japanese Sushi Restaurant in Providence, RI

Japanese Cuisine on Federal Hill

NAMI, Providence Rhode Island’s newest Japanese sushi and fine dining restaurant, offers a contemporary twist on traditional Japanese cuisine set in the backsplash of historic Atwells Ave. NAMI’s menu includes the freshest carefully crafted sushi, and kitchen entrees matched with a wine and drink menu fit for New York City.

The interior is designed and accented by local artists to create an uncompromisingly trendy, upscale ambiance, and includes a selection of dining and lounge areas. Al fresco dining is available during the summer months as weather permits.

Li & Wendy, Owners

A true husband and wife team, Li and Wendy met in New York in the late ‘80s, where they both worked. After a brief culinary stint in New York, Li and Wendy relocated to Rhode Island in 1997 to open a small Asian eatery in Bristol. Falling in love with tight-knit seaside communities in Rhode Island, Li and Wendy stayed ever since, opening up restaurants on the East Bay and Providence. With NAMI, Li and Wendy seek to blend their love of seafood and the flair of Rhode Island’s dynamic culinary scene.

Li and Wendy live in Lincoln, with their two sons Daniel and Robert, and their dog Bobo.

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